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JK-XD-1 single tank automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine
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Design concept: The fully automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfecting machine is a fully automated equipment developed in accordance with ISO international standards and fully complies with the latest national standard practice of soft endoscope cleaning and disinfection technology, with cleaning, disinfection, drying, leak detection, self-disinfection and process traceability.

Scope of application: All types of soft endoscopes’ cleaning and disinfection. (e.g. gastroscopy, colonoscopy, duodenoscopy, bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound, etc.).

Fast and efficient cleaning: Complete an endoscope cleaning and disinfection in as fast as 9 minutes.

Cleaning and disinfection process:

Initial wash → Enzyme wash → Rinsing → Disinfection → Terminal Rinsing → Drying

use or storage

Performance and characteristics

Initial wash → Enzyme wash → Rinse → Disinfection → Terminal Rinse → Dry

Type of disinfectant used:

Fast and efficient cleaning and disinfection time, leading the world

0.5%-0.6% 1,2-Phthalic dicarboxaldehyde ≤ 10 minutes,

2% Alkaline Glutaraldehyde (normal temperature) ≤ 15 minutes

2% Alkaline Glutaraldehyde (43 ° C) ≤ 10 minutes

0.2%-0.35% Peroxyacetic Acid ≤ 10 minutes

Cleaning and disinfection methods:

Full immersion, full perfusion and high-pressure spray.

Total leak detection: The endoscope was leak tested and displayed pressure (0.015-0.035 MPa).

Quick connection, saving time and effort: The decontamination connector adopts the original imported quick-connect connector, which is completely matched with the manual cleaning tank. If the perfusion joint is manually removed after the initial washing, it can be placed in the reprocessor and the quick-connect connector, which is convenient, scientific and efficient. It also reduces the labor intensity of the staff.

Water treatment: High-precision filtration of tap water through an external filter and built-in filter.

control method: Intelligent control (imported PLC programmable controller), Chinese input, 7-inch color LCD touch screen, one-button operation.

Six procedures can be selected: 1, standard cleaning and disinfection procedures; 2, special infection cleaning and disinfection procedures; 3, drying and leak detection procedures; 4, terminal cleaning and disinfection procedures; 5, early disinfection procedures; 6, self-disinfection procedures. The patient's name, endoscopic number, and operator's name can be entered manually.

Self-disinfecting, fully automatic, no dead ends: Use a chlorine-containing disinfectant (effervescent tablet) for one-time use. In the state where the fully automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfecting machine is unloaded, all the pipes passing through the filter core (0.2 micron) aqueous solution built in the machine can be backwashed and disinfected; and the tank of the machine is sprayed by high pressure. The entire upper cover is cleaned and disinfected in all directions and without dead ends.

Fully automatic printing: Plain paper prints all the data in the patient's name, endoscope number, operator name and endoscope washout process, which is easy to archive and trace, and can be stored for more than 10 years.

Automatic fault alarm, automatic processing function:

if the enzyme, alcohol, disinfectant is insufficient and the whole process is faulty. The machine cannot be started and the fault content is displayed.

The kicks are turned on, off, and the touch screen is manually turned on and off.

Fully automatic and precise adding of reagents: Automatic and accurate metering of enzymes and alcohol.

Disinfectant concentration detection: The real-time concentration of the disinfectant can be completely and accurately detected, and the safety of the operator can be more effectively protected.

Mirror protection design: The slot for placing the endoscope is larger than that of the similar products, so the placement is simpler and faster; in addition, the curvature of the endoscope is smaller, which can effectively protect the fiber of the endoscope and prolong the service life of the endoscope.

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