Company Profile

Hefei Kinnick Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Kinnick Medical) With more than 15 years history in this industry, is a professional manufacturer of medical devices, providing R&D, production, sales and service. The company is headquartered in Hefei, a technology city with convenient transportation and superior environment. With the company’s nationwide sales and service network d, it provides its customers with s timely pre-sale, sale and after-sales service in the shortest time.

Its product lines include: hospital central supply room and endoscope center overall cleaning and disinfection solution, cleaning and disinfection traceability system, automatic soft endoscope cleaning sterilizer, hard endoscope automatic ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, embedded full- automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfection workstations, rapid full-automatic cleaning sterilizer, polymer material endoscope cleaning and disinfection workstation, stainless steel endoscopic cleaning and disinfection workstation, endoscope storage cabinet, endoscope transit vehicles, endoscope leak detector, multi-function integrated stainless steel steam cleaning and sanitation center, reduced pressure boiling vacuum ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, ultrasonic spray cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine (including single frequency, dual-frequency, triple frequency, desk type, vertical type, and elevation type), boiling sterilizer(including desk type, vertical type, and elevation type),multi slot ultrasonic cleaning sterilizer, full- automatic washing tank (surgical instruments pre- cleaning spray), drying cabinet, eyewash equipment, stainless steel check packaging machine, dressing cabinet, cart, instrument cabinets, and other cleaning, disinfection and drying equipment and stainless  steel accessories for supply room, operating room and endoscopy center,   covering more than 50 varieties and over 600 specifications.

Kinnick Medical, with a group of high-tech product research and development teams and a group of high-quality scientific research management talented people, has always being at a leading position in the product technology. At present, it has obtained more than 50 patents and software registrations; With advanced testing equipment, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and other technical requirements all in readiness. the company has developed a series of high-quality, sophisticated and high-qualified products that have been sold to more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and dozens of countries and regions around the world. Kinnickians will keep striving for excellence in products with zero defects self-required standard, excellent technic and providing perfect after-sales service. We warmly welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to visit, and negotiate business, also technical cooperation.

Corporate culture:

Jinnik people adhere to the most sincere Huizhou business culture, with the core values of modern enterprise culture as a cohesive, self-strengthening, resourceful and down-to-earth craftsman, who has the courage to undertake, appreciate, perfect personality, study diligently, cultivate talents, cultivate moral character, make the best use of one's talents, make one valuable and unswerving!

Corporate mission:

We are committed to creating the most famous brands and providers of R&D and manufacturing enterprises in the medical device industry, focusing on the attention of users, providing the most competitive overall solutions and services for sensory cleaning, continuously creating value for users and contributing to the revitalization and production of R&D medical device industry.

Business vision:

After 15 years of hard work, determined to be brilliant, standing at a new starting point and embarking on a new journey, Dinnik will hold high the banner of reform, openness and innovation, firmly grasp the implementation and devote itself to building an intelligent medical equipment platform integrating intelligence, numbers, information and information. As well as the establishment of intelligent equipment, digital medicine and information. A century-old enterprise of platforms and cloud services. The elves will never forget their original ideas, move forward, and work tirelessly for their dreams!

General Manager's Speech:

Time flies. Time flies. Fifteen years have passed and the wind and rain have gone on. Fifteen years is just a spray in turbulent history. However, for an enterprise, especially a private enterprise like ours, it can go through 15 years. This is not only a phased achievement of Dinnik's development, but also a new starting point. All gods have a long way to go. We worked so hard not only yesterday, but also today and tomorrow. Let's join hands and work hard for Dinnik in the next 15 years. We believe that the future of Dinnik will be better. Fifteen years ago, our white hair was discovered, our youth disappeared without a trace, and we witnessed the storms and hardships in Dinnik. This green-haired boy has reached middle age. The world has changed quietly, with blurred eyes, old faces and dreams never changing. In these 15 years, we have gradually become brave. Looking back on these years, Dinnik has experienced. During the 15 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, with enthusiasm and sweat, I sprinkled unremitting efforts on ordinary posts and witnessed the growth of Dinnik. Time is like water, time is like a song, time is like a song, spring and autumn are thriving. After years of hard work, today's achievements are numerous. The company is booming, with both bitter and hot, but it is more sweet to stay in my heart. Looking back on the past, we braved the wind and waves to look forward to the future. We follow the trend and move forward. There is still a long way to go, inheritance. Full of the dreams of many employees, employees create wealth, Ginick builds a platform, and I will accompany Ginick with all my enthusiasm for the next 15 years. I firmly believe that after 10 years of sharpening the sword and 15 years of preparation, our life stage will become better and more colorful due to our own efforts!

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