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Automatic soft endoscope combined cleaning and disinfection program
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Design principles and concepts: Strictly designed according to the "soft endoscope cleaning and disinfection technical specifications." Soft endoscope cleaning and disinfection programs currently advocated and widely used abroad. The preferred method recommended in [Soft Endoscope Cleaning and Disinfection Technical Specifications].

Operating procedures: Manual Initial Wash → Ultrasonic Cleaning → Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection → Drying → Use or Storage

Features: Humanized, standardized and intelligent design; highly integrated centralized control, high degree of automation; integrated design, beautiful, generous and concise; easy to operate, more humane care; save time, effort, space; fast, safe, Efficient, cost-saving; automatic leak detection throughout; full process traceability; fully automatic self-disinfection function; fully automatic switch door.

component: Ultrasonic cleaner (embedded); fully automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfecting machine (embedded); endoscope cleaning and disinfection workstation; process traceability system.

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