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JK Series NC Ultrasound Cleaner
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Functions and uses:
JK series NC ultrasonic cleaner adopts advanced integrated circuit transistor microprocessing circuit digital display and Chinese LCD display. It is mainly suitable for high precision cleaning, degassing, defoaming, emulsifying, mixing and replacement in industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, laboratories of scientific research units, electronic industry, commerce, medical industry, etc. Extraction, comminution and cell comminution. Main properties and characteristics
The operation program of the instrument is controlled by single chip computer software or LCD touch screen PLC program.
Digital memory and set ultrasonic power;
Digital display without solution protection;
The instrument grid is formed by argon welding of stainless steel screen.
The inner shell of the instrument is made of high quality stainless steel.
Digital memory and setting ultrasound time;
Digital memory and set heating temperature and actual temperature;
Digital display over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current protection indication;
Two kinds of control panel programs can be selected arbitrarily.
Ultrasound frequency has 25 KHz, 28 KHz, 40 KHz, 60 KHz, 80 KHz, 100 KHz and so on, can choose one.

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