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JK Series Constant Temperature NC Ultrasound Cleaner
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JK series constant temperature ultrasonic cleaner adopts automatic conversion of heating and refrigeration equipment, which achieves the accuracy of ultrasonic liquid temperature and the continuous operation of ultrasound without heating. It is mainly suitable for small batch cleaning, degassing, mixing, emulsification, defoaming and cell powder in colleges, research institutes, electronic industry, commerce and medical industry. Broken
Main properties and characteristics:
The instrument operation program is controlled by single chip computer software or LCD touch screen PLC program.
Display the product's date of departure
Display memory and set working time of ultrasound
Display memory and set heating temperature and actual temperature
High quality stainless steel sheet deep drawing for inner groove of cleaner
Solution filtration using constant temperature numerical control device
Argon welding forming of stainless steel mesh sieve for cleaner grids
Display memory and set ultrasound power
Display over-voltage and over-current protection indication
Sound-reducing cover, shell of cleaner, using high-quality stainless steel plate
Display no solution protection indication
Display cumulative working hours
There are three kinds of ultrasonic frequencies: 60 KHz, 80 KHz, 100 KHz and 139 KHz.

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