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JK-DY500 fast automatic cleaning and sterilizer
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Scope of application:Widely used in hospital endoscopes, luminal instruments, conventional instruments, scalpels, hemostats, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, suction devices, respiratory anesthesia tubes, syringes, test tubes, glass tablets, dressing bowls, various plates Large, high-quality, fast, efficient, safe and economical automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying of drums, pressure gauges, etc. It effectively protects the safety of workers and avoids cross infection. It is the ideal equipment for hospital cleaning, disinfection and drying.

Main performance and features:Innovative Technology:New solutions and innovative technology applications greatly reduce water injection, heating and drying time, and reduce waiting time for program operation.

Program control:It adopts imported PLC machine control, 7-inch color large touch screen man-machine interface humanized operation mode, and presets 6 groups of programs, you can choose to set 24 programmable programs.

Full process printer traceability:The specific printing function uses imported pin-type micro-printer to print work process data, which can be stored for more than 10 years and can be connected with the trace quality management system.

Fast zero waiting time:Increased cleaning and disinfection preheating bins, 1/2 program run time, 1.5 times cleaning capacity, and efficiency is more than 3 times that of conventional equipment.

Energy saving:With a large flow water circulation and sprinkler system, it saves about 40% water and energy compared to conventional equipment.

Automatically open the sealed door:Automatically open the door, double-layer tempered coating large window transparent glass door body, sound insulation, active compression seal is more reliable, and protect workers and cleaning items safely.

Boiling disinfection at 93 °C:Efficient 93 °C boiling heat disinfection, A0 value fully meets the latest WS310.3-2016 standard specifications.

Chemical disinfection and descaling functions:A unique, separate chemical disinfection program that sterilizes and derusts non-high temperature and rust resistant equipment.

Excellent cleaning, disinfection and drying effect:Excellent cleaning, disinfection and drying effect,Full compliance with the latest WS310.3-2016 standard specifications.

Excellent loading capacity:Equipped with a 5-layer instrument wash rack and loaded with 15 DIN standard baskets.

Fully imported accessories:Main cleaning pumps, drain pumps, solenoid valves, fans, metering pumps, temperature controllers, main switches, etc. are all imported international famous brands.

Fault self-test diagnostic function:The system equipment safety self-test fault diagnosis function ensures the safe operation of the equipment and double-door infrared safety protection.

Cleaning process:Pre-cleaning - warm water cleaning - warm water rinsing - thermal disinfection - lubrication, anti-rust treatment - hot air drying

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