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Lifting type vacuum boiling automatic ultrasonic cleaning and sterilizing device
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Product performance and scope of application: Decompression boilingThe automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting device is a new fourth-generation fully automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine developed and designed by our company. Vacuum technology is used to vacuum decompress and breaking vacuum boost pressure the cleaning chamber, combined with negative pressure ultrasonic and heating technology, so that the boiling point of the cleaning liquid is lowered to boiling and the gas phase air is introduced to boost the boiling effect, and the articles are repeatedly washed, thereby causing dirt on the surface of the article and the attachment peeled off. It is the most advanced fourth-generation cleaning, disinfecting and drying automatic automation equipment after ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning and vacuum boiling cleaning. It is widely used in conventional instruments, laparoscopic instruments (hard endoscopes), minimally invasive instruments, dental instruments, orthopedic instruments, luminal instruments, respiratory anesthesia tubes, silicone consumables and precision instruments etc. Is the preferred device in the operating room, supply room and endoscope center.

Main features of the product

A variety of cleaning technologies integration and fully automatic operation: Comprehensive vacuum ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum suction perfusion cleaning, negative pressure pulsation cleaning, decompression boiling cleaning, boiling sterilization, vacuum and hot air drying are integrated into one machine to easily solve the high-end cleaning, disinfection and drying issues of various instruments and endoscopes, fully automated operation, no manual maintenance, reducing the labor intensity and keeping safety of the staff.

Vacuum ultrasonic cleaning: The combination of vacuum technology and ultrasonic cleaning technology provides without dead angle in all directions cleaning of deep holes, blind holes, long thin tubes and complex shapes. Currently, there are no any cleaning method can replace the cleaning method of best deep holes, blind holes and long thin tubes and shape complex instruments.

Reduced pressure boiling cleaning: Using decompression and vacuum boosting pressure technology, low temperature boiling and sudden boiling effect, resulting in intense boiling and shaking to completely remove the dirt.

Negative pressure pulsation cleaning: It adopts negative pressure pulsation cleaning technology which is internationally leading.

Really 93 ° C boil disinfection and oiling: The equipment items to be cleaned are all immersed in water, and are heated to 93 ° C for boiling, which is irreplaceable by thermal spraying and steam sterilization.

Two drying techniques: At the same time, it has vacuum drying and hot air drying technology to ensure the drying effect and drying requirements before sterilization.

Fully automatic control program: Adopt imported PLC programmable control, 7-inch LCD touch screen man-machine dialogue interface, 24 groups of programmable, preset 6 groups of programs can be arbitrarily selected.

Whole process work data printing and traceability: Plain paper printing cleaning, disinfection and drying work process data, can be stored for more than 10 years,

The working data interface is open and can be connected with the user system for synchronous management.

Work window automatically lifts and downs: The working window is automatically raised and lowered, and the door is automatically opened and closed, which greatly reduces the cumbersome operation and labor intensity of the staff.

Fault self-test diagnostic function: The system equipment safety self-test fault diagnosis function ensures the safe operation of the equipment and the safety of the operators.

Fully automatic and precise addition of chemical reagents: Automatically add cleaning enzymes, lubricating oils, and rust inhibitors.

Special cleaning racks are not required: It can directly disassemble various kinds of instruments and lumens and put them into the cleaning cabin with the basket. It does not need to be plugged in, which greatly reduces the cumbersome work before cleaning and the labor intensity of the staff, and reduces the staff of risk of infection to be scratched in the docking process.

Cleaning process:

Pre-washing--vacuum ultrasonic cleaning--decompression boiling cleaning-negative pressure pulsation cleaning--vacuum ultrasonic rinsing--decompression boiling rinsing--boiling and sterilizing oil--vacuum and hot air drying

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