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JK series operating room pretreatment washing machine (flushing tank)
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Scope of application:Mainly used in surgical instruments, luminal instruments, scalpels, mobile phones, hemostats, endoscopes, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, suction devices, anesthesia tubes, injection needles, syringes of various sizes, test tubes, glass sheets, replacement Pre-treatment spray cleaning of medicine bowls, various plates, drums, pressure gauges, etc., and automatic humectant or rinsing after enzyme washing; it is a must for hospital operating room, supply room disinfection center and endoscope center device.

Design principle concept:According to the characteristics of the operating room of the hospital, the surgical equipment is fully automatic spray moisturizing pretreatment cleaning equipment; the surgical instruments must be pre-cleaned and moisturized before the operation, otherwise the organic matter or blood coagulation and dry knot treatment is quite difficult, and it is easy to damage the damaged equipment. Equipment and the risk of causing worker infection. According to this design and production of automatic spray cleaning machine, with automatic control, simple operation, the overall design is beautiful and generous. The use can completely replace the manual operation, reduce a large number of manual operations and labor intensity, thereby more thoroughly and completely dead angle, safe and efficient surgical equipment cleaning moisturizing treatment, effectively reducing the cost of equipment and equipment and the risk of infection.

Main performance and characteristics

All-round design without dead ends:All-round nozzle design allows high pressure to be reached at every corner of the tankSpray spray.

Fully automatic atomizing humectant spray:The fully automatic humectant atomization system allows the device to reach even spray and is used in small quantities, thus reducing the cost of use.

Fully automatic direct drainage function:Automatic spray discharge directly, taking away organic matter or blood clots, avoiding secondary pollution caused by repeated use.

Fully automatic control:It adopts PLC programmable control, color LCD touch screen man-machine interface, 24 sets of programmable, preset 6 sets of programs can be arbitrarily selected.

Easy to operate:One-button start-up operation is more convenient and user-friendly.

CNC molding:The inner and outer casings of the instrument, the sound-reducing cover and the washer net frame are all made of high-quality stainless steel numerical control.

Flushing process:Feeding→Automatic spray cleaning→Automatic spray rinsing→Automatic moisturizing agent→Printing and rinsing work process (optional)

Flushing process: feeding→automatic spray cleaning→automatic spray rinsing→automatic moisturizing agent→printing and rinsing work process (optional)

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