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JK-DY1000Fully automatic oral cleaner
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Scope of application
It is mainly used for cleaning and rinsing dental mobile phones, oral instruments, conventional instruments, laboratory utensils, milk bottles, minimally invasive instruments, etc. Full automatic control without manual duty.
Performance characteristics
Ultrasound High Energy Tube Irrigation
Ultrasound energy and pressure pump drive fluid through the inside and outside of the tube cavity, in the ultrasonic wave and impulse impulse impulse.
Washing can effectively remove soluble and insoluble dirt.
Chemical cleaning and tube cavity perfusion
Detergent is automatically and accurately added to the cleaning fluid, and all gases in the tube cavity are compressed to ensure that the cleaning fluid can be used.
Make all surfaces and interiors in contact, so as to facilitate the removal of all organic matter and microorganisms.
Removal of cleaning agent residues on inner and outer surfaces by high pressure spray irrigation cleaning
Removal of cleaning agent residues on the inside and outside surfaces of mobile phones and devices, and cleaning without lumen can reduce cleaning.
Pressure irrigation for deep cleaning
Clean all pre-washing, cleaning, cleaning fluids, lubricants, antirust agents
Pressure ensures that even the most sophisticated cell phone lumen cleaning can be standardized.
Standard Mobile Phone Cleaning Fast Connection Port
Standard interface for fast direct connection to mobile phones.
Automatic Programming Control
Imported PLC programmable control, 7 inch color LCD touch screen man-machine dialogue, 24 groups of programmable
Sequence, preset 6 groups of programs can be chosen at will.
Process traceability system and remote control (optional)
It can collect operator information and disinfect process data with cleaning machine through network and user meter.
The computer system is connected to realize synchronous management and remote monitoring.
Automatic Addition of Chemical Additives
Automatic and accurate measurement of adding enzymes, lubricants and rust inhibitors.
Automatic Intake and Drainage Functions
Cleaning process
Cleaning Sprinkling and Irrigation Cleaning Ultrasound Cleaning Sprinkling and Rinsing Boiling and Disinfection Drying

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