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JK-DYZ50 Single door or double door low temperature vacuum drying cabinet
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JK-DYZ50Single door or double door (front and back door)

Working principle
Medical low temperature discount drying cabinet is a new type of vacuum boiling vaporization drying technology developed by our company. The principle of reducing boiling point of water under negative pressure is that water boils and vaporizes, so that the moisture attached to the inside and outside surfaces of the articles can be separated and vaporized quickly. At the same time, the vacuum pump can quickly extract and vaporize after vaporization. The steam makes the apparatus dry quickly and thoroughly. It is a new choice for all kinds of low temperature drying equipment, such as supply room, operating room, endoscope center, etc.
Scope of application
It is suitable for drying various kinds of endoscopes, biopsy forceps, precision instruments, slender lumen instruments, complex structures, heat-resistant instruments, lumen instruments and conventional instruments in operating rooms, supply rooms and endoscopy centers of medical institutions.
Main properties and characteristics
Quick and thorough drying
In a relatively short period of time to achieve the complete drying of equipment.
Energy saving, high efficiency and pollution separation
Vacuum drying is carried out under negative pressure and low temperature. It needs less heat to realize drying. It opens doors before and after, effectively separates clean area from polluted area, and avoids the risk of cross infection.
Precision Control Safety
drying at low temperature and low pressure can effectively avoid damage to the instrument caused by excessive temperature.
Easy to operate
One-click start is convenient and fast.
Intelligent full automatic program control: PLC programmable control, color LCD touch screen human-machine dialogue, 24 groups of programmable, preset 6 groups of programs can be chosen at will.
Whole process record
The printer prints the drying process data in time, which is convenient for users to archive and trace back. (Matching)
Process Traceability System (Selection)
It can collect operator information, connect with drying process data through network and user computing system, and realize synchronous management and monitoring.
Function of Fault Self-Examination and Diagnosis
The fault diagnosis function of system equipment safety self-check ensures the safety of equipment operation.
Opening mode: single door, double door and four door

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