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JK series vertical dual frequency tri-band medical ultrasonic cleaner
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Scope of application:Widely used in hospitalsHard typeEndoscopes, lumen instruments,Conventional equipment, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, syringes, test tubes, glass tablets, dressing bowls, various plates, drums, pressure gauges, etc., radioactive, polluting, high-volume, high-purity ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing It is an essential equipment for the operating room, supply room and disinfection center of the hospital.

Main performance and characteristics

Intelligent design one-button operation:One-button start-up work, auto-completeheatingAnd ultrasonic cleaning and automatic shutdown.

Programmatic control:Color LCD touch screen, PLC programmable control, 24 groups of programmable, preset 2 sets of programs can be arbitrarily selected. It can also display parameters such as cabin temperature, working running time, consumables adding amount, alarm information, etc.; it has automatic fault detection function and prompts fault handling method.

Automatic memory display function:The memory shows the date of manufacture of the product, the accumulated working time, the set ultrasonic cleaning time, and the set heating temperature and actual temperature.

Security features:Leakage, over temperature, over voltage, over current automatic protection indication and no solution protection.

Fully automatic conversion of dual or three frequencies:28KHZ/45KHZ/100KHZ、45KHZ/80KHZ/100KHZ40KHZ/80KHZ/100KHZ is optional.

Printer function and traceability (optional):It has the function of printing the working process parameters and traceability.

Automatic water intake and drainage function:With automatic water intake and drainage.

Fully automatic addition of chemical additives (optional):Automatic and precise metering of enzymes and consumables.

CNC molding:Feeding→Electric control water inlet→Set heating temperature→Set ultrasonic frequency→Set ultrasonic cleaning time→Set ultrasonic cleaning power→Electric control drainage→Reloading into rinsing tank (or direct rinsing)→Printing work Process (optional)

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