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JK series vertical medical CNC boiling sterilizer
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Scope of application: It is widely used for boiling disinfection, oiling and rust prevention after cleaning hard endoscopes, lumen instruments, conventional instruments, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, dressing bowls, plates and barrels.

Main performance and features:

Intelligent design one-button operation:One-button start-up work, automatic boiling, oiling, rust prevention and automatic shutdown.

Programmatic control:Color LCD touch screen, PLC programmable control, 24 groups of programmable, preset 2 groups of programs can be arbitrarily selected. It can also display parameters such as cabin temperature, working running time, consumables adding amount, alarm information, etc.; it has automatic fault detection function and prompts fault handling method.

Automatic memory display function:The memory shows the date of manufacture of the product, the accumulated working time, the set boiling time and the set heating and actual temperatures.

Boiling disinfection at 93 °C:Efficient 93 °C boiling heat disinfection, A0 value fully meets the latest WS310.3-2016 standard specifications.

Security features:Leakage, over temperature, over voltage, over current automatic protection indication and no solution protection.

Fully automatic and precise addition of rust inhibitor and oiling function (optional):Automatically add rust inhibitor and automatically oil.

Printer function and traceability (optional):With work running process parameter printing function and traceability

Electronically controlled water inlet and outlet function:Equipped with automatic water intake and drainage.

CNC molding:The inner and outer casings of the instrument, the sound reduction cover and the boiler frame are all made of high quality stainless steel CNC.

Boiling process: Feeding - electronically controlled water - appropriate amount of oil - set boiling heating temperature - set boiling time - electronically controlled liquid discharge - take the material into the dry box - print the boiling work process data (optional)

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