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Baby Bath Center
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Baby bath center

Bathing, swimming and touching of newborns is a new health care movement suitable for newborns and infants. It is the most popular concept of child care and health care in the world today. It has been recognized by more and more young parents. The whole growth and development of the fetus is in amniotic fluid, and the newborns have innate hydrophilicity. Therefore, many babies swim. When you leave the swimming pool, you will be unhappy and even cry. Swimming for newborns can also help the physiological jaundice subside early and the physiological weight recover early. Surveys show that babies under one year old can not walk independently. Bathing and swimming in water is the most comfortable, relaxed and safe exercise for babies.
Main properties and characteristics
Cleaning countertops and grooves: PMMA polymer composites are used on both countertops and grooves. They are acid and alkali resistant materials. They are invariant, no frontal angle, no seam, excellent permeability resistance, low bacterial adhesion, smooth surface, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-oxidation, easy to clean, long life, easy to repair after damage, and no color change. It is brittle and does not touch infants. It is harmless to staff. The design of bathing pool and swimming pool table is fully in line with ergonomics.
Operating system: Programming control system, man-machine interface, intelligent operation, simple and convenient.
Time monitoring and alarm: several commonly used bathing and swimming time are stipulated, and the reminder time can be adjusted according to the needs of users, so as to make the staff more worry-free.
Temperature monitoring alarm: provide real-time water temperature, when the temperature is too high or other abnormal, alarm immediately
Back panel, function panel and light box: The integral modelling structure can be divided into parts according to the function, which is convenient for the maintenance of equipment, relocation and function upgrade.
Waterproof cabinet door: stained glass cabinet door. The cabinet below the counter can be used for users to place some functional accessories and common consumables.
USB Player: Support USB to transfer music files to various formats, create a warm and happy working environment and bath environment, so that infants and staff have a good environment.

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