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JK series medical equipment drying cabinet
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Scope of application:It is suitable for thorough drying before the sterilization of instruments or articles in medical institutions for subsequent packaging sterilization. Including: central supply room, operating room, laboratory, stomatology and other surgical instruments, lumen equipment, ventilator tubes, anesthesia pipelines, endoscope drying treatment.

Main performance and characteristics

Intelligent program control:Using advanced PLC software program control and touch screen man-machine interface, preset 6 groups of programs can be selected by themselves.

User-friendly design:Multi-layer drying bracket is built in, which can be flexibly and conveniently removed, which can meet the different needs of customers and achieve the ideal effect of “multiple use of one machine”.air circulation mode:Forced hot air supply circulation (top wind, bottom exhaust),

Drying temperature:The room temperature +0~+110°C is continuously adjustable, and the drying temperature can be set according to the type and material of the equipment to be dried to achieve the best drying effect and ensure the safety of drying.

Drying time:It is continuously adjustable from 1min to 9999min for high efficiency drying.

Special equipment item brackets and grids:Equipment spare equipment rack, anesthesia catheter bracket and humidification bottle rack. The inside of the catheter-specific holder can also emit hot air, which facilitates the drying of the internal conduits of the catheters and bottles, and further ensures the drying effect.  36 to 48 anesthesia catheters can be dried in a single operation.

safety equipment:The equipment has self-diagnosis ability (such as: greenhouse sensing abnormality, automatic over-rise prevention function, temperature deviation alarm function), over-rise prevention device, leakage circuit breaker, etc., which ensure the safety of equipment use.

The device is equipped with a proprietary water tray:When drying the instrument, excess water in the drying cabinet can flow into the water tray through the bottom of the cabinet, and directly take out the water tray to pour water.

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