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JK-ZQX Medical steam cleaner
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Product performance and scope of application

Apply to hospital operating room and central supply room, various surgical instruments and biopsy forceps, endoscopes, incisors, guide wires, foreign body pliers, large and small syringes, test tubes, glass tablets, dressing bowls, various plates and other surgical instruments and the surface, joints, joints and blind holes of cleaning of high temperature and high pressure of the lumen device.

Main features of the product

Protection System:Professional cleaning tank and protective cover, suitable for all equipment cleaning requirements, 100%

protect workers from high temperature burn and high pressure gas pound.

Control System: Color LCD touch screen, PLC programmable control, 24 groups of programmable, preset 2 groups of programs can be arbitrarily selected. It can also display parameters such as steam temperature, working running time and alarm information; it is convenient to start with one button, and it has automatic fault detection function and prompt fault handling method.

Spray steam system:Standard 8 stainless steel different types of nozzle spray guns, handle button operation, simple and convenient, self-produced steam, steam pressure 0.45MPA-0.8MPA, provides long-lasting stable output steam.

Cleaning system: High temperature and high pressure steam cleaning can thoroughly clean joints of the device and the attached hard-to-clean dirt or crystals, removes contaminants or organic matter without any cleaning agent.

Vacuum suction system: The vacuum attracts the exhaust system, and 100% of the steam is not precipitated, which reduces the damage to the staff.

Fully automated: The steam generator has a fully automatic water inlet function, automatic start and stop of heating and gas transmission, and automatic safety protection functions.

Humanized design of the protective cover automatic lifting and down, multi-function cleaning tank, drainage table, locker, luxury high back panel design is more convenient to operate and protect from instrument damage. No need for labor brush wash, reduce the labor intensity of the staff.

CNC molding: The materials of the instrument are all made of high quality stainless steel CNC.

Non-standard customization: the size can be customized according to customer requirements.

The main technical parameters



Inner groove size

Drying table size

Vacuum power (W)

Steam pressure (MPA)

Heating power (KW)

Protective cover material

power supply

Working noise




Drying table size


0.45-08 adjustable


Transparent PMMA



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